EPIQC at a Glance

The current barriers to scaling up of quantum computers (QC) and simulator are set by room temperature electronics and optics operating the quantum hardware, affecting the signal bandwidth, latency, thermal load and signal-to-noise ratio reaching the quantum QC platforms. Our collaboration will co-create hardware solutions with industry to address these challenges through a multi-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration. We will exploit the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) as interface to develop scalable efficient integrated control and readout architectures. The strategically important area of RF for ICT brings the great potential of this new paradigm into reality by reducing the gap between existing control and readout electronics, fidelity demands of quantum algorithms, and practical QC hardware architectures. Over four years, EPIQC will collectively investigate different solutions and develop new, complementary interfaces for scalable control and readout and system designs tailored to key properties of QC.

EPIQC's Focus Areas & Benefits
Key areas of focus identified in engagement with stakeholders are integrated optoelectronic devices, microwave devices and communications, microelectronics, and cryogenic electronic design.