Track Record

University of Glasgow (UoG)

University of Glasgow (UoG) leads one QT hub (QuantIC) and is actively involved in the other three national quantum hubs. The programme is led by:

Prof. Martin Weides (lead), Professor of Quantum Technologies in the James Watt School of Engineering (JWSE) at UoG

Prof. Hadi Heidari (co-lead), expert in Cryoelectronics and Cryo-CMOS design

Prof. Marc Sorel (pillar 1 champion), expert in integrated photonics, semiconductor lasers and optoelectronics devices

Dr. Chong Li (SL), expert in microwave engineering and characterisation

Dr. Alessandro Casaburi (SL), expert in photonic and superconducting sensors and electronics

Prof. Asen Asenov, expert in TCAD modelling and simulations, DTCO and PDK re-centring

Prof. Robert Hadfield, expert in superconducting quantum sensors for the most demanding sensing applications

Dr. David Moran (SL), expert in advanced semiconductor materials and devices

Dr. Vihar Georgiev (SL), expert in atomistic device modelling

Dr. Giorgos Georgiou (Lecturer), expert in ultra-fast nano-electronics and photonics

Dr. Kaveh Delfanazari (Lecturer), expert in super- and semiconducting quantum circuits

Dr. Rair Macedo (Lecturer), expert in the electromagnetic properties of matter and devices

Prof. Muhammad Imran, expert in 5G and wireless communications systems

Dr. Qammer Abbasi (Reader, deputy theme lead Quantum & Nano, ARC), expert in Antennas & Electromagnetics

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) provides the measurement capability that underpins the UK’s prosperity and quality of life.  NPL has an extensive BEIS funded Quantum Test & Evaluation programme which aims to support the UK’s emerging quantum industry and the NQTP. 

Prof Nick Ridler (pillar 2 champion), NPL Fellow, expert in high-frequency electrical metrology supporting ICT 

Dr. Tobias Lindstrom, Principal Research Scientist, expert in the metrology of superconducting quantum devices

Prof. Jonathan Williams, Principal Research Scientist, expert in electrical quantum effects including the development of parametric amplifiers for quantum technologies

University College London (UCL)

Prof. John Morton (pillar 3 champion), expert in developing quantum technology devices based on spins in solid-state materials, including quantum memories and computers

University of Strathclyde (UoS)

Dr. Alessandro Rossi (SL, UKRI FLF), expert in semiconductor quantum devices and RF cryo-measurements

National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC)
Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

NQCC is leading the development, application, and commercialisation of quantum computing in the UK by accelerating the growth of the quantum supply chain. It will support this project by managing the co-creation and networking.  NQCC and STFC will not request any funding and instead commit resources to this project. 

Dr. Michael Cuthbert, previous Head of Quantum Technologies at Oxford Instruments, expert in assembly and integration using STFC clean rooms and with indium bump bonding or superconducting devices

Marcus French, head of the Detector and Electronics Division, oversees STFC contributions across FPGA integration and ASIC design with Si foundry access and state-of-the-art design tools.

Co-creation Porcess of EPIQC
The EPIQC team is not limited to investigators and research associates. Considerable engagement with stakeholders has taken place leading up to the project and the identification of three thematic pillars of enquiry...